Deep in the heart of the Frozen Plains lies the fabled remains of a Tower. The story, passed down through generations of Lore Keepers, says that once the tower was home to a mage, the most powerful mage ever to live. He was kindly to his people, a good Lord, and much loved. But with great power comes great enemies. And this great mage, who’s name has been lost in the mists of time, had such an enemy. Over time the tension between rivals built until the great mage’s enemy grew impatient and attacked. War followed, a war that culminated in the destruction of the Tower. Few survived the end of the war, and those that did were twisted by the wild magics unleashed in that last catastrophic battle that reshaped the world as humanity knew it.

Eons passed. Humanity has all but forgotten the War that changed its destiny.

But some remember.

The Lore Keepers have their records, though the records from the War itself were mostly destroyed in the Aftermath. They guard the Plains and the secrets of the Tower, charged to do so by their Goddess.

Someone else is delving into the past, seeking the great power of the Ancients.

Now the question remains, is it time for the Greater Magics to rise again? Or are they best left, with all their destructive powers, buried in the past?

Spirit of Winter