Goddess of the Four Faces

The Diety of The Clans, the Goddess of the Four Faces presides over their nomadic life. Each of her faces corresponds to a season.

The Spring Face is that of the Maiden. She’s gentle, like the plains in their short Spring. She does not have a priesthood, per say, as all members of the Clans ask of her. She is considered the Goddess of Youth and Beauty, the bringer of Spring and New Growth. Her Avatar is the Robin.

The Summer Face is the Face of the Warrior Maiden, for summers on the plains are brutal and harsh, the sun beating down without a hint of shade. The Blade Maiden is effectively as sexless as the steel she bares. Her Avatar is the Red Tailed Hawk.

The Autumn Face is the mother, the goddess of bounty. Though the Clans are not growers, they do gather the bounty of the plains in the fall and cache it for the coming winter. The Autumn Face’s avatar is the Eagle-Owl.

The Winter Face is the most powerful. The plains are locked in winter for a disproportionately long part of the year, and during that time the Clans keep to their tents and follow their herds. Winter is the season of Death, of Cold, and of Knowledge. The Lore Keepers act as priests to the Winter Face. Her avatar is the Raven.

Goddess of the Four Faces

Spirit of Winter sabbah